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Sizing Chart

Ladies Tees
Please note some shirt are meant to fit slightly different in the womens, but are all true to these sizes below. Please look at the additional information on each shirt as it will offer more information and also look at the photos. They are all photographed the way they are meant to fit. If you want a looser fit I would recommend going up a size.

Ladies Tank Dresses
All the dresses are sewn from a blend that does shrink if dried, so please be sure to either hang dry or take this into account when choosing a size. All the dresses are a loose fit and come with the tie. The dresses do not have a loop so you can tie where ever your natural waistline falls. If you prefer to tie be sure to give yourself a bit of extra room on the measurements so that the fabric will pull in nice. On the other hand if you prefer without a belt and more fitted the sizing chart should be a good guide. Generally speaking your normal dress size should be correct.

The leggings are all high waisted so if you are measuring your waist measure just below your belly button to get the most accurate measurement. The size range you see is the stretch from the elastic waistband and it is best to pick a size closer to the lower number or middle. If you are at the max of the size the leggings will stretch more and the fabric becomes more transparent to the skin. As always remember leggings are not pants and to cover your bum!

Mens Tees
Shirts are all a standard fit for sizing. If you see in the additional comments they are American Apparel, which many are, these are cut to fit a bit longer to help avoid showing off the belly, where the 100% cotton shirts are more square in length.

*Please do not hesitate to contact us at whiteoutworkshop@hotmail.com┬áif you are unsure of any sizing! We’d be happy to help. Feel free to download a copy here if it is just to small to read. SIZING CHART PDF

Sizing Chart