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This weekend I won’t be setup selling at Edmonton Folk Festival, because I’ll be out enjoying some of my favourite bands all weekend instead. If you need any of our brand new tank tops or maybe one of our scarves to save a bad sunburn (star scarf in photo) please stop by our normal Saturday stomping grounds as I’ll still be setup there on the Saturday.

City Market Downtown | 9 – 3 pm | In front of Kelly’s Pub on 104 St Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market | 8 – 3 pm | Row 3 St. Albert Farmers’ Market | 10 – 3 pm | Booth 334

Be sure to come say hi so you don’t miss out on awesome wears for your folk fest weekend. ~ Natasha

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Happy Record Store Day everyone! Those who have known me for years know I LOVE music and used to road trip and travel much of United States to see great new up and coming bands who normally wouldn’t hit Canada till they’d become a bit bigger … happy to say that those times are changing. For those of you who didn’t know that, now you do. But you did know that almost all of my graphics on my tees come from my photographs right?!

Many of my customer (that’s you) love seeing the photographs behind the images, so I figured I’d share this one from one of my original tee designs being it is Record Store Day 2014 today! Plus I think there is even 1 mens small tee left in the online shop too (same as a womens large, but in the guys cut).

The prints are of course still available in 11 x 15 and 18 x 24 in the shop as well and are pretty fantastic. Honestly though this is one of the few photographs I love seeing in colour!

Hope you enjoyed! natasha

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