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Mar 26, 2013

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Doc 2

I was recently interviewed for a documentary, which was so much fun! It is being made by the lovely Jenna who run Make It! Productions and her very talented partner in crime Neil. They are hoping with the documentary to inspire and get people out there making their living in the handmade world by interviewing 5 people who have done it “successfully” at least to this point anyways.

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Happy Holidays!!!

Dec 24, 2012

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Just wanted to write fast and give a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! I can’t thank you enough for your love and constant support. I had my best holiday season yet traveling to Red Deer, Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary and in each city you blew me away.

You all allow me to do what I love each and everyday and I am so thankful for that. I have some very exciting new projects I have been working on for a few months now that I can’t wait to show you in the New Year. I will be doing a blog post of my Christmas season travels and shows over the last 2 months as well, but first I have to head home to Calgary to enjoy some downtime with my family.

Hope you all got to spend time with your friends and family as well this holiday!

Big hugs, Natasha and Baron (my furry companion).

So what happens when you just got the most amazing shirt for Christmas and wow your friends and family totally don’t know what size clothing you wear!!! Not to worry! You are here because you know you are able to exchange for a new size that will fit you perfectly. So you’re thinking, “What do I do now?”… it’s simple!

For those in Edmonton: Well you have it easy, because I am from Edmonton! I will be setup at the Strathcona Farmers Market Jan 5th and 12th from 8 am – 3 pm, so exchanges can be done there. I do highly recommend you send me a quick email first at, that way I can make sure I have the shirt you require in the size you need and can set it aside for you. If you however are not able to make it there on the Saturdays please follow the steps below and we can always exchange through the mail.

Now for you out of town people … this includes anyone in Canada!!! Step 1. Send me an email on the site or directly to and let me know you need a brand new size. I will then check my stock and get back to you. Please be sure to check your junk mail folder. Sometimes the email servers get confused.

Step 2. I will then send you mailing instructions. Please don’t just pop your shirt in the mail without contacting us first as returns go to a different address than our studio. Plus I can save you money with shipping by just folding them a certain way. Shipping per shirt is about $2 and not $8 that can simple happen by folding it wrong. I will give you all the tips once you send me that quick email.

Step 3. Your shirt will be on a mini road trip back to me and once I get it back I will send you a quick email to let you know I have it in my hot little hands! From there your new shirt will be sent right off to you for free. I will send you a quick email as well to give you an approx. time so you know when you can start loving that new shirt, that is actually the right size this time!

Please note exchanges can only be made up until Jan 25th (1 month after Christmas). We only offer exchanges and not refunds, but please contact us with any concerns and we will be happy to help you! We want nothing more for you to love your brand new clothing! We check our email daily so we should get back to you within 24 hours!

Merry Christmas and hope you all enjoyed your holiday season! Natasha and Baron (my furry help)!.

How It’s Made!

Many of you have come to love the brand new product line of wood, but always ask me how they are done. Well a lot of time and love are put into them. Simple as that. I start to give you the run down and just see your eyes widen when you learn the time that goes into them.

When I do a run of wood prints it takes almost a full month from start to finish. This is mostly because I do them in larger batches so that I can keep my studio clean. It is pretty messy with all the sanding, staining and varnishing. Once all the wood is prepared it is simply just added into my normal screening routine.

Now before you can even get to the messy bit of sanding all the wood has to be cut down. I wish it could just come to me the right size, but that would be too easy. After the sheets of wood are all cut down it is onto the messy bit … sanding!!! I have to cover up everything in the studio just because the particle is so fine after sanding and gets everywhere. It takes a full day of cleaning walls after.

From sanding it is onto staining and varnishing, which is when making the wood prints starts to get fun. I love staining … and no not because of the fumes! It is fun seeing each one with their unique wood grains. Not a single one is ever the same. I could do without the ventilator mask though! From there it is all about throwing on a thick coat of varnish. Doing this is actually super relaxing and I get to watch movies and TV (courtesy of my 1970 bunny ears) while that is happening.

Then finally the screening!!! It is a very exciting feeling once they all come off the press. Normally because a month later I am SO relieved to see them completed and ready to be package for you.

Hope you all enjoyed seeing the love put into each and every one of the wood prints! natasha.

Oh wow! This little company has been my life for 3 years now and I can’t believe what it has become. None of this would have happened without your love and support, simple as that! As a thank you I will be having a little SALE this weekend, which is our final weekend, at the City Center and St. Albert Farmers’ Markets.

I don’t know what it will be yet, but I promise you’ll want to come out and celebrate with us. Maybe even some shirts at the price they all began at of $20?! I might even bring some balloons as well! See you out there as always. n