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Feather Scarves

I am pretty excited about the brand new scarf designs and hope you love them! These 3 new designs along with some of the best sellers from last year will be available this spring. Check out where you can find me this spring here.

Happy shopping!!! Find them in the online shop now. Natasha.

Picture 50

If you aren’t on facebook, twitter or instagram you’ve likely missed seeing some of the new goodies I’ve been cooking up. I am really excited to have a lot of the things I’ve been working on for quite a while finally coming out.

COIN PURSES!!! I am just in the final stages of getting the new style of coin purses perfect. As you know we’ve been screening a lot of our own fabric here lately, which you’ve probably seen on our scarves and with my side project over at Twin Cabin as well. It’s been a lot of fun and happy to be rolling it out into many of the other products … like the coin purses.

I also wanted to step them up for a long time and these new ones have small leather details on them … this one just happens to be a flap with a snap to close, but some have leather across the back as well.

We still have some of the other style of coin purses left too and you love those so much that we won’t stop making those either. They’re one of our original selling items from quite a few years ago along with our totes, which are coming back soon as well. You can see the leather straps that were cut for the handles in the photo as well.

DRESSES!!! You’ve all grown to love our dresses over the last few years and I’m so excited about these new ones. Since I started Twin Cabin back in 2012 I’ve racked up a bunch of different patterns I’ve designed and you had to know at some point I was going to put that to good use over here at Whiteout to get a perfect style and fit. After a few tweaks and adjustments I had our new dress perfected.

Our dresses became so loved because they fit just about everyone and were comfortable as heck. We made sure that this new style didn’t lose any of those things either. They are all a nice loose fit, which looks amazing with just a small skinny belt and are made from a bamboo / cotton blend of fabric. Light, breathable and soon to be your favourite new dress.

Oh and did I mention the new dress are all SEWN LOCAL!!!! How did I forget that?!!! Just like our coin purses, totes and scarves, which are actually all sewn right here in our studio, these dresses are locally made too. How great is that? Plus they are affordable as always and will be our normal price of $42 ea! I know awesome right?!

I NEED IT NOW! Since you officially can’t wait to get your hands on these, don’t worry. We’ll be keeping these in full supply. The coin purses should be out in the next few weeks at the markets (click here to find  info on those) and online shortly after. The dresses will be out this weekend here at the markets in Edmonton too (just a small batch for now) and once we get some of the new designs completed will be up online as well, likely mid Feb along with a sizing chart to show you our nice loose style of sizing.

Hope you love them! **** new designs on the tees will be out by mid Feb … if not sooner **** Natasha <<<<< Be sure to follow and share Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and newletter at the bottom of the page >>>>>.


A little while back I had shared news about a documentary I was being filmed for and well … I have updates for you! First though check out the original post in the exciting news section on my blog if you have absolutely no clue what I am talking about.

The indiegogo campaign has been started for Make It Happen Documentary and as much as I don’t like watching the way I talk … who does? … it is worth the watch, read and support. A documentary like this give you inside information behind some businesses that thrive in the handmade world and maybe can even help to inspire you to take the leap of faith as well and just go for it.

The interview I did took about an hour and I know some of the other people who were interviewed, so there is some good stuff to come! Hopefully they can raise enough to get this documentary made as I think it is going to be a great help and push for many people out there. I love what I do everyday, but it hasn’t been easy getting my little business to the point where I can live off of it. It took a lot of long hours and I think this documentary will help to show you come of the challenges we all had and some of the wonderful things we now make our lives creating. It really is the best job in the whole world.

Have a look at the documentary page and if you can support in any way I know Jenna and Neil will give you that high five you deserve! Bit by bit they will get there and the closer and closer it gets to having to awkwardly watch myself being interviewed and talking … ha. natasha.


(Photo Above: The Upstairs) It has been almost a year ago since I took the plunge and the big move from my first little studio into this new one. I have never shown photos of the inside so here is your first sneak peak of where I spend most of my days and where I am currently writing this from.

(Photo Above: The Downstairs) It is still an ongoing process making the space work, but lucky to have the option of moving things around. In the summer it is the best opening up the large door and letting in the sun and all the fresh air … Baron loves it too.

(Photo Above: Before/During/After Renovations) love my little studio and as you can see a lot of money was put into the original renovation and getting it up and running. Pretty soon there will be 3 of us working out of here so hears to the next step of growing pains!



They’re back and we have stacks of them, but that is likely to change after going to just a few of our upcoming shows!

Have you checked out the One of a Kind Show Guide. These little hotties are right on the front cover. They were photographed last year, but sadly not used, but after being contacted this year that they were up for consideration again. I was excited. Once the show guide came out and I saw they where right on the cover. How cool huh?! Well you bet I am going to be grabbing a few of these to take home.

If you haven’t seen as well I am having a little giveaway on Facebook. The first 5 people to spend over $50 in my booth on Wednesday at the One of a Kind Show will get a free coin purse! They just have to mention this giveaway. That simple!!!!

Well I am off to setup for the show! I will be sure to send photos tonight and more information as well. The link for the show is above..