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Small Walnut Tri-Set

Many of you have come to love the wood print product line which started almost 3 years ago now as a regular item, but everyone always asks me how they are done. All I can say is a lot of time and love is poured into each and every single one of them. Simple as that. These a really are handmade down to the very cutting of the wood.

I normally try to prepare all the wood for screening when it is nice and I can work outside. But mother nature didn’t play so nice this September so I was outdoors on very cold day cutting and sanding. I made the mistake of cutting indoor one day to avoid the cold, but lets just say I made a rather large mess and it was back outdoors for me.

After they are all cut and sanded a stain is hand mixed to get the correct colour and applied to each one. This is when it gets fun because you get to see all the amazing wood grains come out of each piece starting the transition into each one being one of a kind. They spend hours drying and then it is onto a nice gloss layer of varnish to get them ready for screening. This is basically when I catch up on hours of TV shows and movies I’ve missed after working over the summer.

Once each piece of wood is completed it is onto what I do best … silk screening everything by hand!!!

This season a larger batch was done so I hope everyone who has been waiting for one will be able to snatch them up. We’ve been sold out of many since the beginning of August and everything should be restocked online and at the shows in the next few weeks including all our Christmas Shows.

See you all soon Natasha ps … I made you all a pretty fun video … have you seen it? >>> WATCH THE VIDEO

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Our brand new silk screened by hand and sewn local dresses are now available online. The dress patterns used for sewing were created by us and are all sewn in Alberta. Made from a 70% rayon (from bamboo) / 30% cotton blend it makes for the perfect summer/spring dress.

All the dresses include a tie, which is your choice if you prefer to use it or not. We did not sew any loops so you can simply place it where your natural waistline falls. Each of the dresses has a link to the sizing chart so you can determine your best fit. They were made to be pretty true to size, but have a look.

These dresses are easy to wear by adding leggings and a cardigan, or throw on your flats and off you go. They will be selling fast this summer and we can only get in a few batches until you’ll have to wait till next season. I sure hope you love them. Natasha  >>>>> SHOP NOW!

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Newsprint Bike Leggings

Our lovely and brand new leggings, which are all silk screened by hand and sewn locally are now available online. You almost sold us out this past weekend at Strathcona Market, but luckily we made a nice batch to get us through our SPRING SHOWS.

Don’t miss out on these as they are going to be made in small batches and take almost 2 months from the beginning of screening, cutting the fabric down and sewing. So if you see them and love them, don’t hesitate!

If you are unsure of the sizing please feel free to check out the sizing charts which the link is provided on each of the items. They are all high waisted so you don’t have to hike them up every few minutes. Oh and did I mention being made from a bamboo/cotton/spandex blend makes these the most comfortable pair of leggings you might ever try on!

Hope you love them and if you do we’ll keep making them!! Natasha  >>>>> SHOP FOR LEGGINGS NOW!

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New Designs Featured

I’m really excited about these 4 new designs, some of which you can already find in the online shop right now (guys/gals) and the others coming next week!!! You had to know that I would have trees, buildings, something a little odd and something I love … aka vintage newsprint with bikes no less.

These designs are all pretty true to the things I love and I hope you love them too. Watch the shop as I will be adding 2 other tees you’ve likely already seen before out at markets, but have just never been available online.

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See you all out and about very soon! natasha

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