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It seems for now Canada Post is back moving in the full swing of things. We are shipping as per the normal, but know we are keeping close watch on this and if you place an order we’ll will do everything we can to make sure it arrives as it should. We don’t want your wonderful gifts to yourselves and others getting the fun taking out of it because of Canada Post. Shop away!!!!

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Coming soon!! Check out our brand new rolled sleeve tee dresses, but I NEED YOUR HELP! I’m looking for you, yes you, all shapes, all sizes, to pop by my booth at City Market Downtown and just simply try one on. I’m serious when I say all sizes.

As you may know I’ve been working hard and am changing over my whole line to now be manufactured locally from my own patterns and with that am also making a range of sizes. This dress goes from small (size 2 ish) up to XXlarge (about a comfy 16 maybe even 18), but this is where I want your help to see how well it fits to whatever your size is so I can adjust. ** warning I will be looking you up and down to see how great you look in it. Ha ***

Stop by say hi and try it on so I can get this perfect for a fall release and I do want here your comments. I love what I do and am not joking when I always tell you I do listen to what you ask for, so come tell me. And yes I may ask you the awkward question of what your bust size is.

It has to be at City Market though and I’m there the next few Saturday’s. Would love to see you! Natasha

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Well another amazing One of a Kind Show has been and gone and once again I filmed the whole setup as it is one of my biggest setups I do each year. I also filmed the tear down. It took me 17 hours to setup (with a few breaks in the middle) and only 3 hours to take it all down and hurry off to my flight home.

Hope you enjoy the video and I’ll be seeing you again at Christmas Toronto.

Please keep an eye out for my online shop and throw your support that way. All the links to my social media are below as well, so make sure to keep in touch. I love to hear from you!

~ natasha

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Back in September I was interviewed for Made In Edmonton (<<< hit that link to read the article) by Make Something Edmonton. It was originally posted in December right at the height of all my winter shows so I’m just getting to posting it now.

I had such a great time being photographed in my old studio (yes the big move has happened) and chatting about how my business all started, along with my love for this wonderful city of Edmonton I call home.

The article I think captured me perfectly, except for the fact I was never a professional snowboard photographer … I just had dreams of becoming one and went to school for it originally.

I truly do love this city and couldn’t have made this business what it is today without the support of all the wonderful people who make this city what it is.

Thx for the fantastic article guys. Check out Make Something Edmonton when you get a chance. Natasha

As you all know no matter how hard you try there is always the dreaded exchange after you tried so hard to get the right size for that perfect gift. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. All purchases made after October 23rd, 2015 can be exchanged up until January 8th, 2016. All you have to do is send us a quick email and we will let you know what to do. We can arrange for the exchange at one of the local markets or send instructions for how to do it through the mail … so easy.

Please note if we do not receive an email prior to January 8th sadly we will not be able to honour all items to be exchanged. We switch over our line at the beginning of the year and many of the designs might be sold out or no longer offered. We are also closing down our studio on January 8th for our big move, so to avoid disappointment make sure to send us that email within the 14 days after Christmas Day. Check out our exchange page or email us (whiteout workshop(at)hotmail(dot)com.) if you have any questions.

Hope you all love your new gifts and if it is the wrong size lets get you the right one so you can start loving your gifts and wearing them!!!!