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Today is our birthday and we’re turning 5!!! To help celebrate we are having a 24 hour flash sale this Friday October 3rd on our online shop. It’s simple … go shopping … and apply the coupon code “flashsale” on the checkout page and it will be applied to everything in your shopping cart. 1 day only … ends today!

Thank you for all the support over the last 5 years and happy shopping! natasha

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Small Walnut Tri-Set

Many of you have come to love the wood print product line which started almost 3 years ago now as a regular item, but everyone always asks me how they are done. All I can say is a lot of time and love is poured into each and every single one of them. Simple as that. These a really are handmade down to the very cutting of the wood.

I normally try to prepare all the wood for screening when it is nice and I can work outside. But mother nature didn’t play so nice this September so I was outdoors on very cold day cutting and sanding. I made the mistake of cutting indoor one day to avoid the cold, but lets just say I made a rather large mess and it was back outdoors for me.

After they are all cut and sanded a stain is hand mixed to get the correct colour and applied to each one. This is when it gets fun because you get to see all the amazing wood grains come out of each piece starting the transition into each one being one of a kind. They spend hours drying and then it is onto a nice gloss layer of varnish to get them ready for screening. This is basically when I catch up on hours of TV shows and movies I’ve missed after working over the summer.

Once each piece of wood is completed it is onto what I do best … silk screening everything by hand!!!

This season a larger batch was done so I hope everyone who has been waiting for one will be able to snatch them up. We’ve been sold out of many since the beginning of August and everything should be restocked online and at the shows in the next few weeks including all our Christmas Shows.

See you all soon Natasha ps … I made you all a pretty fun video … have you seen it? >>> WATCH THE VIDEO

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This past weekend I was down in Calgary one last time for the summer and it seems I saved the best for last. It was Market Collective’s 6 anniversary birthday celebration and well I don’t think it could have been any better than it was. The venue was absolutely perfect, the weather was amazing, tons of talented artisans, the best local live music and all the YYC food trucks. Seriously what else did you need. Oh and it was right next to the river.

I started doing Market Collective back at the beginning of 2010 and have tried to do everyone I could since. I think I only missed 1 or 2 since I began. Market Collective as many of you know has helped to shape many of my friends businesses with myself included in this bunch. Shows like this helped me to grow Whiteout W. into what it is today and I could never say thank you enough for having a show that support so much talent.

I truly hope if you live in Calgary and have never been you can make it out to the next one. It’s worth a road trip for a great day of fun as well.

Like normal I can barely contain my spending habits and this weekend I got to pick up some pretty amazing find as well. This is some of the great handmade goodies you can find and are the new additions to my home.

Art Illustrations – Gloria Ho I don’t know what it is about these little hipster bears, but I ended up buying all 6 of them who had little hats on. These will all be framed above my bed. I fell in love with each and every one of them and can’t wait to get these framed and hung up!

Wood Block Printed Cards – Hop & Flop Who doesn’t need to have a drawer of cards for the unknown event that might just call on it. Butter Up & Chill seemed perfect along with a rain cloud spitting a little waterfall. So much fun.

Ceramic Pin – S’more Society I know it is hard to see, but I picked up a little mountain pin that is going to be placed on my winter coat for the season. Each one of my winter coats has a small pin or broach and this one is going to be well loved.

Local Calgary Lifestyle Mag – Dote Magazine You had to know with my absolute love for print media I’d be all over this magazine and reading it line for line. After leading up design for 5 years on magazines it was so cool to see a brand new publication hit the scene I am so familiar with. It seems everyone else fell in love as well since they ran out. Watch their media outlets … I’m sure they’ll have more for you soon enough

Ceramic Mug – Salty Sea Dog Designs With winter coming I figured it was time to add another tea drinking and relaxing mug to the collection. I managed to snag their last ship one and couldn’t be happier. They do some pretty fun ceramics with great designs. Already have it filled with tea in front of me while I write this post.

Enjoy all your amazing new finds from this past weekend and hope to see you at the Christmas market coming up soon enough. Natasha

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My Summer Finds

Sep 4, 2014

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Summer Finds

Here are some of my personal finds from this summer at all the festivals and markets I was at. I’m sure you’ve had some spending problems at these shows as well. I am surrounded by some of the most talented and inspiring people, so it is pretty hard to not spend a fair chunk of the money earned. These are some of the great find I absolutely fell in love with.

Drop Cloth Tote Bag – Dear Pony Out of Nelson, BC and so so talented. I have a hard time restraining myself from spending every last bit of money I earn when I enter into her booth. I was setup next to them at Calgary Folk Fest and when I saw this bag posted on instagram a few days after we’d packed up and left I had to find them again at Edmonton Folk Fest and snag it asap. LOVE IT!

Paintings – Giselle Denis I hope all you local Edmonton folks know of her and if you don’t you really should. I went on a mission during ArtWalk in July and knew she’d have something perfect to fit on my bathroom walls. I love seeing these every morning when I wake up. Just awesome!

Graphic Silk Screened Tee – Mumble Tease Heather and I have been doing shows together for years and she is the maker of some of my favourite tees in my closet. You had to know I love tees being that is what I do for a living and this new addition to the bunch is going to get a lot of wear and love.

Silver Earrings – Yutal Now admittedly I am not a big earring wearing person, but I fell in love with these. Diane and I have been setup right next to or across from each other many times over the last few years and of course we were neighbours once again at The Fringe Festival. Please check out some of her jewelry … her and her husband make some gorgeous stuff.

Bracelets – Burlap Sac I had the pleasure of being next to Kayley at Edmonton Fringe Festival and I could barley refrain myself and kept it to a cool few hundred. Oh dear! Seriously so much amazing jewelry with just the right style for myself. I ended up buying matching bracelets for both my mom and I as a thank you for looking after Baron (my lovely dog) while I was away traveling to show this summer. They were perfect for us.

Westy Toy This came from a local shop here in town and oh my my!!! A YELLOW WESTY! This is very much a dream of mine, so hopefully one day soon you’ll see in my newsfeed that I actually bought one. Might be a few years before I can afford one all fixed up. Until then this little toy will sit right next to my bed.

Hope you all supported the crazy amount of talent filling all the festivals in the summer too! Happy fall cloth wearing!!! Natasha

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What a summer it was! Seems as though I should call it as over and officially into our fall season of shows being it is snowing outside today. I had such a fun summer and it flew by as it always does. Every show we went to you showed up wearing your great finds from last year … and even the years before that … and grabbed a few new things to add to your collection. I was so happy to see so many of you again and can’t thank you all enough. I was excited at the end of it all for the first time I got to take 8 days off. I think Baron was pretty excited as well.

Along with our normal local market I do in Edmonton every Saturday I managed to pack things up and head to Calgary a bunch of times this summer for Lilac Fest (May), Market Collective (July *see my other post*), Sun Fest (August) and even got to enjoy taking in Edmonton and Calgary Folk Festival while saying hi to everyone. Such a great time at all of them and absolutely loved being outdoor selling you new summer tees, tanks, scarves and a few of you managed to snag some of the dresses.

To wrap up the end of August my Mom and I did our 11 day marathon setup at the Edmonton Fringe Festival like we’ve done the past 4 years before. Nothing but mini donuts, green onions cakes, street performers and a lack of sleep. The weather didn’t play very nice, but we still got to have a ton of fun each and everyday. Thx for busting out the mittens on a few of the evening for us.

Hope you all managed to pick up some amazing local handmade goodies and hope to see you out at all of the winter shows for some present shopping for those you love.

See you all soon enough. Natasha

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