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The brand new coin purses and pouches are officially all uploaded online! A few changes from the previous sizes and the bike design is back in them! I am loving the new colours as well.

All of the fabric is silk screened by hand on a durable cotton canvas and then cut down and sewn locally for each and every single one of them. These are great quick gifts or perfect for organizing the bottom of your purse … we all know what that looks like sometimes.

Sadly we sold out of a few colours before I could get them posted online, but still a great selection left. Watch for the new zippered totes. Hoping to have those posted this week.

~ natasha

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Not sure if you all caught it, but excited to be the features artist this month by Edmonton Arts Council and wanted to make sure you all caught it!

It shares a little bit about how it all started and very fitting that they posted it on my 7 year anniversary of my business (Oct 3rd). That is the very cold Saturday the profile references.

Hop over to their site and check out my Whiteout Feature.

~ natasha


The time has come for another round of Winter Shows and I know many of you were waiting to see where I would be this year knowing I would be cutting a bunch of shows to stay closer to home. Sadly this year I made the decision to not travel to Vancouver, first time in 6 years and to Toronto for my 11th One of a Kind Show. Would have been celebrating my 5 year anniversary at the Christmas show this year, but hoping for the next little while you can throw your support to my online shop. I’ll be back to both cities soon enough! Much love for all your support over the years. For now this is where you’ll find me to snatch up some amazing handmade gifts for the ones you love.

Market Saturdays in Edmonton Year Round | Strathcona Farmers’ Market | Edmonton, AB | 8 – 3 pm row #3

OCTOBER 28th – 30th | Our Best to You Art & Craft Sale | Red Deer, AB | Booth #222

NOVEMBER 10th – 12th | Our Best to You Art & Craft Sale | Regina, SK | Booth #607 24th – 27th | Indie Handmade | St. Albert, AB | Booth #201 25th – 27th | Market Collective | Calgary, AB | Weekend #1

DECEMBER 1st – 4th | Butterdome Craft Sale | Edmonton, AB | Booth #210 8th – 11th | Festival of Crafts | Calgary, AB | Booth #816 24th | Strathcona Farmers’ Market | Edmonton, AB *** special market day open until 1 pm ***

If you can’t make it out to one of the shows be sure to hit up that online shop.

See you out there. Natasha

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They’re here!!! I’ve been working on these for almost 9 months now even posting earlier asking for your help with adjusting the pattern … thx for everyone who came and tried them on … and they’re done. I am very happy with how they worked out and excited to have XXLarge (Size 18 – 20) now available in these after many requests.

Perfect for fall with a small cap sleeve and fit about 6 inches longer in every size compared to our summer tank dresses many of you have fallen in love with. All of these are sewn locally and of course silk screened by hand, by me, in my studio. Now available in 5 colour options with brand new colours and pattern coming in January as well. I truly hope you fall in love with these too.

Now available in the online shop and you’ll find them locally at our Saturday booth at Strathcona Farmers Market. Because of the small sewing batches for these dresses you won’t see them pop up at our Christmas shows, but please email me if you have any questions about sizing. Happy to help and have it delivered directly to your door instead with free shipping!

Get outside today! ~natasha

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You’ve waited and waited and it’s back. You asked me enough that I just made it happen. This is one of my very first surface pattern designs I originally screened onto coin purses. It was by far my most popular pattern to kick off the ever popular light weight infinity scarves, which are now a staple item in the line up of our products.

This time though it is screened with white ink and you’ll see our brand new fabric colours! It won’t be back for long so grab it while you can.

Made from a 70% bamboo / 30% cotton blended fabric and always silk screened by hand and sewn right in our studio. Every last one! You can find them in our online shop where shipping is free for them, or in person at one of our upcoming shows.

See you out there! ~natasha

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