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How It’s Made!

Many of you have come to love the brand new product line of wood, but always ask me how they are done. Well a lot of time and love are put into them. Simple as that. I start to give you the run down and just see your eyes widen when you learn the time that goes into them.

When I do a run of wood prints it takes almost a full month from start to finish. This is mostly because I do them in larger batches so that I can keep my studio clean. It is pretty messy with all the sanding, staining and varnishing. Once all the wood is prepared it is simply just added into my normal screening routine.

Now before you can even get to the messy bit of sanding all the wood has to be cut down. I wish it could just come to me the right size, but that would be too easy. After the sheets of wood are all cut down it is onto the messy bit … sanding!!! I have to cover up everything in the studio just because the particle is so fine after sanding and gets everywhere. It takes a full day of cleaning walls after.

From sanding it is onto staining and varnishing, which is when making the wood prints starts to get fun. I love staining … and no not because of the fumes! It is fun seeing each one with their unique wood grains. Not a single one is ever the same. I could do without the ventilator mask though! From there it is all about throwing on a thick coat of varnish. Doing this is actually super relaxing and I get to watch movies and TV (courtesy of my 1970 bunny ears) while that is happening.

Then finally the screening!!! It is a very exciting feeling once they all come off the press. Normally because a month later I am SO relieved to see them completed and ready to be package for you.

Hope you all enjoyed seeing the love put into each and every one of the wood prints! natasha.

Farmers’ Markets 2012

Well another season of farmers’ markets comes to an end!!! Such an amazing summer and can’t thank you enough for coming out each and every week to say hi (even when it was a bit cold) at both City Market DT and also out in St. Albert. It was our first year in St. Albert and you definitely gave us a warm welcome!

We all got extremely lucky with wonderful weather and not a single day that we were totally rained out. There were a few chilly days and thx for not laughing at me with my mittens, toque and 18 layers of clothes. I hate feeling cold. You know we’ll be back in full force next summer with even bigger and better things!!! They are already in the works.

But until then be sure to stay connected to the blog for where you can find us while waiting!!! natasha


New Products!!!

Oct 10, 2012

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Many new products have hit the markets over the last few months and were a big success thanks to your love and support! It is about time I posted some of them here so you know what to expect to see over the Christmas shows coming up here in the next few months. Most of them were posted on my facebook and figured it was time to get them up here on my blog as well.

Dresses – 100% cotton | $42 These dresses flew off the shelf this summer and I still have a few left. I am hoping to restock them for Christmas, but no promises. Just working on getting a more steady supply of stock on these

Scarves – hand screened and sewn | $42 I have been making these scarves for the last month or so and can’t keep up. Can’t thank you enough for making it so hard for me to keep them in stock. Each time I brought them to the market I came home with none. Working hard to make sure you all get a chance to see them at the Christmas shows coming up. Working REALLY hard for that!

These ones featured a hand screened bike pattern and just working on a camera one for you too and some new ones for spring. I also had a few in there that were up-cycled from my old t-shirts that I just couldn’t bear to part with. Figured they deserved a new loving home

Long Sleeve Shirts – poly/cotton/rayon blend | $42 Back again, but with new patterns and designs. Also been having a hard time keeping these in stock. I have a small batch of them that will be traveling with me to the shows. These are all also available on the online shop. Sadly the shipping for these is a little higher at $8, but that just means you should order more than just one to make it worth it

Hope you love some of the new stuff. Just working on the new coin purses and button sets I know you all love as well. Can’t wait to show you once they are all done. Natasha


Oh wow! This little company has been my life for 3 years now and I can’t believe what it has become. None of this would have happened without your love and support, simple as that! As a thank you I will be having a little SALE this weekend, which is our final weekend, at the City Center and St. Albert Farmers’ Markets.

I don’t know what it will be yet, but I promise you’ll want to come out and celebrate with us. Maybe even some shirts at the price they all began at of $20?! I might even bring some balloons as well! See you out there as always. n


I am working away like crazy and enjoying my current saw dust dandruff while trying to get some wood prints ready for the very last market days on October 6th.

Just wanted to let you know they are on their way and show you some photo proof so you don’t think I just keep saying they are coming. As many of you know we have been sold out since the end of August. I am working hard as a thank you back!

Feel free to email me to make sure they are done for the market and if not please check out my Christmas Shows as soon as they are posted so you know where you can get them in time for gifts … or just for yourself!

See you out there like always! natasha