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Well I’m home, grabbed some zzzz’s and think I am finally catching up after a crazy crazy show! I can’t thank you enough Toronto for always showing me such love. For those of you who have no clue about the One of a Kind Show in Toronto let me fill you in because it is pretty fun and amazing.

At this show I am super lucky that I can pay a little extra and have hardwalls (drywall) setup and waiting for me. Having large artwork and being there by myself makes it nearly impossible if I were to set it up by myself. When I arrive it is one big blank slate and boy do I love making it my own shop for the weekend. In total the booth will take me about 18 hours of work, painting, adding shelves, a small storage room and getting all the artwork hung straight. Turned out okay though I think?! This time I went for it and snatched up a 5 x 20 foot space, so I got to display basically everything.

The show runs from a Wednesday – Sunday and includes one of the days working from 10 am – 11 pm. I know crazy right?! It is a packed house that night! With over 400 artists from all over Canada you need that much time to take it all in. Plus they have a live DJ and serve wine, so how can you go wrong?! From that Thursday night and on I had one packed house in the little booth. I was so lucky to have Jen (she is in the left corner smiling) there to help me out. Thx Jen!!! She was my lab manager over 12 years ago when I managed a little camera shop. Yes I am that old now! I was super thankful and happy to be working together with Jen again. We fell back into our groove pretty quick.

It was my 4th year doing the spring show and it keeps on getting better. Many of you were first time customers (hello!) and many are my loyal friends who come back every time with some of you even flying in from the US for an amazing handmade shopping experience. The One of a Kind is worth checking out if you’ve never been. Email me before Christmas as I always have free tickets to give away if you want to go. The Christmas show runs from Nov. 25th – Dec 7th … so 11 days to get your shop on! ….

…. and do I ever love shopping all the handmade artisans here!! Luckily this year it was a bit busy or I would have spent more money than I could have afforded to spend. I did manage to get away from the booth for a little bit and picked up these amazing finds from Jenna Rose (shoulder bag and pouch), The Candi Factory (top/tunic and scarf) and a great selection of tea from Tealish. They have a little shop on Queen, so if you are in TO it is 100% worth a check out.

My next stop is here in my home town and I will be setup next to Twin Cabin Co (you know that other little side project of mine) at Make It Edmonton (actually in St. Albert). This show happens April 11th – 13th.

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New Long Sleeves!

Mar 26, 2014

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Women's Evergreen Tree Long Sleeve2

It’s your last chance to pick up the long sleeves before a wonderful thing call summer arrives and the tank tops roll back in!!! A few of the old designs are in stock and I just added up the new designs as well for those of you who’ve been waiting!!!

We’ll have them at Make It Edmonton happening April 11th – 13th and will also have them at Strathcona Farmers’ Market (Booth 4I currently) for a little while as well.

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Newsprint Bike Leggings

Our lovely and brand new leggings, which are all silk screened by hand and sewn locally are now available online. You almost sold us out this past weekend at Strathcona Market, but luckily we made a nice batch to get us through our SPRING SHOWS.

Don’t miss out on these as they are going to be made in small batches and take almost 2 months from the beginning of screening, cutting the fabric down and sewing. So if you see them and love them, don’t hesitate!

If you are unsure of the sizing please feel free to check out the sizing charts which the link is provided on each of the items. They are all high waisted so you don’t have to hike them up every few minutes. Oh and did I mention being made from a bamboo/cotton/spandex blend makes these the most comfortable pair of leggings you might ever try on!

Hope you love them and if you do we’ll keep making them!! Natasha  >>>>> SHOP FOR LEGGINGS NOW!

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New Designs Featured

I’m really excited about these 4 new designs, some of which you can already find in the online shop right now (guys/gals) and the others coming next week!!! You had to know that I would have trees, buildings, something a little odd and something I love … aka vintage newsprint with bikes no less.

These designs are all pretty true to the things I love and I hope you love them too. Watch the shop as I will be adding 2 other tees you’ve likely already seen before out at markets, but have just never been available online.

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